พอดดิบ ep2:save the cat for novel chapters 1

Save a cat for novel


Character transformation 


Black snider

Save the cat 

If your character start in someone unlikeable,they should save the cat

Chapter 1

Why do we care

Hero proactive,memorable character create character female and male to be center of the plot.focus on the hero !

Hero who reader rooted for 




Reader don’t want to read about perfect hero

1 major problem or a lot of them

Catnis is poor , hungry 

Let’s the problem infected their entire life.

If character is perfect there’re no point for story.

Your hero have to want something badly

What’s hero think they will improve their life.

Giving hero a goal,make reader rooted for hero.

 What’s my character want in their journey 

Happiness is not enough 

Newhouse ,newcars,magical power?

It should not be easy to get what they want.

What standing in hero way?

Want or goal

They can change as story go on.

Want regard they change or stay he same ,they keep story moving.

When hero want something it’s make hero working.

Need is something character really want

Soul searching 

Plot engaging ,explore hero life.

Psychological wound.

That make hero make mistake like they do.

What’s make them the way they are.

What’s character need.

Real stuff story are made of and what’s reader need for.

They need story that about something.

Your hero want or goal 

=A story


External story that happen in a surface.

=B story

What’s your hero need to learn ,internal story.It’s what your story is about.character transformation 

What’s the hero want make story,true soul of novel lie on character need.internal goal or spiritual lesson,not only about religion.The life lesson is inner story.There’re not may option to choose from (10 universal lesson)










Hero change to something.

Spiritual lesson or need make character experience something and reader know it.

Who is your hero?

Every plot have  hero.

Harry timid ,isolated 

1 true hero

Who has biggest transformation?

Save the cat beatsheet

Is a map we’re not roaming around the country.break down a daunting task to achievable goal.


Structure cheat sheet

3 act or part

15 beat or plot point


1.opening image 0-1%

2.instated someone make character know the theme

3.setup hero status quo life

4.catalyst 10%

New world or new way of thinking ,they cannot go back to


6.break in to 2 

Try something new,enter new world

7.B story 

Support character help character learn the theme

8.fun and game20%-50%

9.mid point 50%

Fault defeat,middle or novel

10.bad guy close in

Downward part,internal bad guy close in,50%-70%

11.all is lost 25% 

Lowest point ,rock bottom

12.dark knight of the soul

Hero learn the theme or life lesson


13.break in to three

Fix themselves 


15.final image

After snapshot

Act one

Thesis world,status quo world before it’s change.

1.opening image 

Provide quick Snapshot 1%

This beat set tone and style of this novel 

Visual representation of hero flaw’s life

See your flaw hero inactions 

How those flaw impact hero life.