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dragons or Imoogi (이무기)

In Korean mythology, dragons are known as Korean dragons or Imoogi (이무기), and they differ from their Western and Chinese counterparts in several ways. Korean dragons are serpentine creatures that are associated with water and caves and are seen as benevolent beings. These dragons are believed to be kind spirits that bring good luck when encountered. They possess the ability to control water and weather, which ties them to agriculture and the well-being of the people 

According to the lore, Korean dragons are initially serpent-like beings known as Imoogis. An Imoogi can become a fully-fledged Korean dragon, known as Yeong or Yong (용), after capturing a Yeouiju (여의주), also referred to as a dragon ball. These magical orbs are said to fall to earth every thousand years and grant immense power to the one who claims it. Korean dragons are also capable of shape-shifting, becoming invisible, and performing other magical feats

The Korean dragon Yeong is sometimes seen as representing kingship and has played a role in royal iconography. Their imagery may include the five-toed dragon, which can also denote the exceptional nature of a king. The appearance of a Korean dragon typically includes a combination of several animals, such as a camel's head, a deer's antlers, snake's neck, clam's belly, carp's scales, tiger's paws, and eagle's talons

Imoogi and dragons are woven into the fabric of Korean culture and are often portrayed in art, carrying deep symbolism and association with good fortune, power, and vitality. They are still prevalent in modern Korean culture, seen in various forms, from art and brand logos to being featured in television dramas and modern storytelling


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