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phoenix or the Bonghwang (봉황)

The Korean mythology features the Bonghwang (봉황), a mythological creature similar to the phoenix It is revered as a symbol of compassion, mercy, and is considered a bringer of good fortune and protection to those who possess its feathers Embodying the union of opposing forces such as the sun and the moon, the Bonghwang represents peace and harmony 

Historically, Korean phoenixes held significance for royalty and, today, the symbol is found on the Presidential Seal and in the Korean Blue House, embodying the spirit of immortality 2. In folklore, the Bonghwang's presence implies more than just eternity; it speaks to a nation's resilience and a cultural celebration of rising anew, as reflected in designs such as t-shirts celebrating Independence Day in the United States, a nod to the creature's symbolic meaning 

Bonghwang also has a place in modern cultural interpretations, including fantasy literature. For instance, in the "Gifted Clans" series, a part of the Rick Riordan Presents publication, the Bonghwang is depicted as a benevolent creature residing in the Godrealm, giving a contemporary narrative to the traditional mythical creature 

These aspects of the phoenix-like Bonghwang demonstrate how ancient symbols can retain their importance and adapt to new contexts within Korean mythology and broader cultural expressions.

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