watercolor commission:

I would like watercolor with a simple background. Not simple but not too complex, either. Just a cute pose of the two of them together~ You can have artistic freedom with that. I would also like you to mail me the original, if that’s all right, when you are finished.

Here are descriptions of the characters….

Character 1.) Vesuvius



Appearance: Vesuvius (or Vesuvio in Italian) considers himself a Roman god. Therefore, he dresses in majestic, antiquated cloaks and robes from Roman times—always dark, ashy colors (black, gray, white) with splashes of blood red, flame orange, or sulfur yellow. He wears adornments like headbands or armlets and sandals. He is also known to wander around half-naked because he deems his body the epitome of perfection (Vesuvius is narcissistic to the max). He has shoulder-length, unruly curly hair. It is dark gray and black with streaks of red and white. His eyes are red, his skin is ashen, and he is muscular—but not brawny–and tall.

Personality: Vesuvius is a very vain, very violent volcano. He is often in a destructively bad mood and hates practically everyone—especially humans. He rarely smiles, and when he does, it’s a smirk. His only weakness is for the lovely volcanologist who has come to study him, Lana Morro. Despite having limited experience with feelings apart from anger and hatred, he has developed an immense attachment to her that he can neither seem to help nor explain. She reduces him to a blubbering, emotional mess.

Character 2.) Lana



Appearance: Lana has short, curly auburn hair and a preference for colorful, floral/indie dresses and boots. She has honey-colored eyes. She can be drawn with or without glasses…But since she is usually too lazy to put in her contacts except on special occasions, she wears glasses often. She is pretty—but in a nerdy, cute way. She doesn’t know what sexy is.

Personality: Lana is extremely academic and adventurous. She is cheerful and kind, albeit a bit eccentric, hyper, and ADD (like many scientists are). Vesuvius is the volcano who first interested in volcanology, so she has soft spot for him despite his rude and cruel nature.

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