This character took more detail and images to find as he is the main character from my book: Sereans. I think he’d look wonderful in your style I really do.

He is an angel type in my book and thus resembles the look of an angel. In this picture his wings will be black however as events that follow in the book lead up to this scenario for the length of it.


His hair length is rather short and choppy looking. Here is a reference picture for his hair. It is parted so it falls more over the right side of his face rather than the left. His hair color is black.


His eyes are nearly the same in that picture though he usually has them closed. They are royal purple in color.

Skin Tone and Body shape.

His skin tone is rather pale though not in a sickly sense. His body shape is slightly toned but is rather lean since he is rather a tall character standing at 6’0. He holds a rather ‘bishounen’ shape I guess you could say. Overall he is a very beautiful and elegant looking being as people often times picture angels.


His outfit is by far the most complex thing as I am both trying to find the right words and images to describe them (it took the longest I am sorry for the wait once more ><) so I hope this helps. If you have any questions about them i’ll let you know right away!

His outfits falls in the line of 6 pieces of cloth excluding accessories. Here is the reference picture with a dab of what the color would be for each piece.


The pieces are composed of a type of black upper torso under armor that ends along the middle finger of each hand with a ring holding it in place. Layered ontop of that are the basic robes that are one solid color (the bottom right image). Following that he wears a black vest atop that and though it cannot be seen it is outlined with purple almost the collar line and the split along the chest. This excludes sleeves. On the collar he will have accessories that resemble this silver collar in this image. [link] though it is not exact. Along his waist is another piece of cloth that drapes from his hip all the way down one side of the length of his body. It is the bottom most left piece. Holding that piece together with the vest is a violet waist band. This band isn’t just violet but holds a designed pattern to it. This pattern can be whatever you see it fit to be. His shoes are hardly ever seen but they look like the ones in this image [link] The final piece of his outfit is a bundle of white cloth with a design woven into the fabric that is wound about twice on each upper arm nearest to the elbow and it drapes back behind him. This cloth is nearly transparent and seems to hold a magical presence about it.

Personality. I use this as a means so you can gather what the character is like to be drawn more. Some artists ask for this I notice so I have continued to include them in my commissions.

Serigo appears to be a rather friendly and kind individual to those who first meet him. With closed eyes and a warm smile he will provide apt advise with a twist of warm words; however the intent of those words can some times hold double meanings that people do not pick up on due to how he uses his tone and how he appears. His words could not possibly have any negative intent within them! He is a rather playful individual that likes to cause a lot of trouble in a rather ‘innocent’ manner. Another character in the book, Chitzoi, often times calls him out on such things where Serigo then plays innocent and ends up getting the topic changed by some means or the other. In this aspect he is rather mysterious as one can only hope he means well to the world around him.


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