dragon girl+random sketch

boy,drawing with pencil

girl drawing with photoshopCS

dragon girl:draw with photoshop
This year is dragon year so I try to draw something relate

alice,paint with photoshopCS

no.16 ref.robert pattingson,paint with photoshopCS2


Hello guy,

I would like to write some english here to brush my rusty writing in english.
I practice reading a lot past time by reading novel,nonfiction english book.
I read about 20 book english nonfiction book in 2011.
Also practicing listening english clip.
I aim that I will never use word ‘poor english’ in my dictionary again.
So I disappear for awhile and I’ve another site
to develop also[It’s] and that’s alone very eating my time.

New year has passed.It’s been so fast for me.
My resolution this years is nothing much.I would like to develop my english
to the level that I can use english naturally.
You know,It’s very hard for Thai people like us,
because English isn’t our native language.
It isn’t every day use so It’s depend on how people eagering to develop their English,and something very stuck on my mind because
I feel inferior everytime I see friend who use english
as formal language,and I’ve got  embarrassing time because
I didn’t understand english language well.

A lot of thing happen past years wish is valuable lesson,but
I hardly drawing lately because I quite busy with teaching work.
When I do teaching work I feel like my past time ambition in drawing was gone.
It’s not bad either because It’s shift my world for working for myself
to working for making student better,and lately I’m being more like
an entrepreneur which I have to develop other skillset beside drawing
like past time,and I see young budding artist and it’s very motivate.
A lot of young people this day are so talent.I gasp when I see their art
some people is just in their secondary but their art are so awesome
and there’re a lot of energy in them.

I quite fullfill on my goal past year.
I already release pocketbook and little explosure in Thai media because of my writing.
Actually I love to write quite equal to drawing.
It’s just different form of art.
Which I’m amazed because typo can make you cry or laugh,
but like I said,my ambition like past time is quite gone.
It’s not that I didn’t have major goal,
It’s just my own translation of word success is a bit change.
I think about balancing life,freedom and family more.

I’m on self-employ for 4 years and this year,and 2011 are
stable year of my life because
I’ve got financial stability already[not that I’ve a lot of saving
but I’ve stable income like being fulltime employee.]
It’s very long journey and I learn a lot.Althought
I face with a lot of bump in my life,so many time I’m  stuck in a rut,
but It’s ok now.I thought I learn to be happy in a little thing I do more,

I think I’ll do less illustration work this year
because I would like to develop
others skill important[especially,english skill]

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