draw with pencil.

sometimes I thought it can cure some illness.

in Thai myth we believe that there’re some soul wandering

around banana tree .We call her ‘NANGTANEE’ นางตานี

This pic’s name AROKA


When you don’t have any disease

It is the best time in life.

It’s not worth to risk you life with unhealthy,

while you can do a lot of work but you have to admit in hospital.

It’s take time to retreat and relax still you can do work like ever. can earn money but you unhealthy,compare with time and

you’ve to see doctor and lost money for cure yourself.

2.You’ve to take a pill in time.

3.You need retreat and relax till you stay better and 100% can work.

It’s good when you’re deligent,

but we should stay in a middle,we need to bend,not break.

Like Buddha said.

Sometimes money can’t buy something you call happiness.

It’s time you spend with who we love,family.

to working with passion,have good friends,coworker

that understand us and we understand them.

That’s real happiness which money can’t buy.

HEALTH is first priority you’ve to beware.

At last I want everyone who read here

see my site,who support me,

to have good health and stay strong.

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