draw and paint with photoshopCS

work for CG+magazine for cover.
and have my interview on that issue.

I’ll tell on my site if it’s already release.

I need to do something integrate graphic and digital painting,but most of it is hand draw.

and this pic I try to draw Thai fantasy character
which is original design but can represent some character of Thai ancient art to manga,digital paint.
Her name is Mekkala,in thai story Mekkala is angel,she obsess her glass orb and her opponent is Ramasoon try to fight Mekkala.
[YAKSA:It’s Giant which has large hammer].I try to find time to draw my Ramasoon later.

Giant in Thai design is very fantastic but it’s very hard to draw also!It’s need a lot of study.

off course it’s inspire from Thaiart,and some chinese paint and line,western paint
Actually I’m quite addict to Thai art but when you want to combine it with manga style or something it’s need study a lot and because of it’s complicate so it’s hard to draw really.

My favourite Thai artist is Mr.Chakrabhan Posayakrit.
[He’s master in line and water color,and I’ve ever go for his exhibition in Thai once..very fantastic in real piece and it’s inspire me till now]

It’s hard to draw this piece because I try to make her skin like a dark elf,but my CRT monitor is very dark and hard to control colorT_T,so I’ve to printout for check correct color again,how it look like when print.

soon to release.

[Thai language]


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