[original]:black and white

I’ve got some illness again and have to rest around 2 week.Sorry for student

Black and white princess and prince
It’s Yin and Yang.
Love between 2 opposite thing again.

Whitenights watercolor on Canson montval,winsor sable


try to explain some feeling or what I thought when I draw pic.

I think about my bad day,
When you ever have felt most pain.
It’s make you feel numb for awhile.
Then there’re feel no more pain anymore,
sometimes no pain,no gain.:),
and finally it will pass.There’re no eternal pain.
Painful day make your happy day have more value.

I try to convert and release my negative emotion on to image,
for happier life.

::The world torn us::

here some story behind this pic.

It’s some love story between opposite like black and white thing,’white dragon’ and ‘dragon killer’,
who live in totally different world.
human world which full of lust and greed,and deity world

I wish it’s something feeling pain,try to translate emotionless feeling when dragon killer think he have to kill white dragon.
I wish I can finish some graphic novel in comic season(try to finish it..).I want to make the face expression feel quite sad,pain but adding some hope in overall mood in image.

There’re may be some his one last chance in story to save dragon’s life.Will decide to do it or not?,and Is dragon will survive in the end?.It’s left for your imagination:)

this pic I think I’m in peak state for drawing line again after I lost it for few years(actually I thought after I left full-time job).Peak state mean I’m totally in ‘very focusing’ state without distraction.Past time I quite lack concentration.I can’t concentrate on 1 pic for too long,after I being freelance,but now I quite understand some zen way.When working.Don’t focus on compare others work,focus 100% on yourself,and when working efficiantly it’s start with empty mind

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