[original]:Camelia,heart,Study unit 1 Exercise1


Tool:Whitenights watercolor on Canson barbizon 200g,sennelier watercolor,Ecoline ink,winsor&newton sable, tweak color with photoshop

I test Canson Barbizon 200g in this illustration,
the paper have some nice texture but it’s very thin paper.
So I think it’s quite hard to paint.I may find some thick version,
such as 300 g Barbizon to paint next time.


Tool:Whitenights watercolor on Canson Montval 300g,sennelier watercolor,Ecoline ink,winsor&newton sable, tweak color with photoshop

This illustration I thought I almost screw it up.
After I paint awhile I soak paper with water
and then color is running quite uncontrolable,but
the result is not so bad,so it’s more like happy accident for me.

The last one are my homework for study unit 1 exercise 1 for LAC(london),learning course.The exercise said using graphite power to do some expressive illustration.Here some result

Firstly dip the brush in to water and then do some line,then
sprinkle graphite powder,remove excess powder then fixing it
with hairspray.(The normal fixasive is expensive,article said you can use hair spray,choose one that lack of odore instead)

Water container and brush I use.Large cheap synthetic brush.

Hairspray I use.It quite smelly.

I have to fixing it around 3 times until graphite didn’t remove from paper.

Try around 3 time then got this picture.

Powder I use.

2nd picture,seem like a bird.

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