tool: Ecoline ink color,
Sennelier watercolor(sepia),Winsor & newton sable,whitenight watercolor 36 pan,Shinhan watercolor,Saunder waterford paper,tweak color by photoshop

first time to test Saunder waterford which I would like to try for the long time.
buy from Siam art.
The papaer easily paint good absorbant with water a little bit slower dry compare to canson Montval,
so it suitable for wet on wet technique.

soak paper with water,mix yellow ochre Ecoline with warmgray dilute with water,then paint while paper still soak.

Dilute Ecoline turquoise blue and then paint on hair,and other area.
this pic use complementary color scheme.

dillute ecoline pale red then paint in skin area and area that touch some light.
Dilute Shinhan Vandyke brown then paint on dress area.

mix purple with warmgray and then paint on the shadow area

dilute Sennelier Sepia then paint on shadow area

Dilute blue tone in whitenights 36 pan I can’t remember exact tone,but it should be
Pthalo blue and some blue-green and then paint on detail.

it finish outside

scan,tweak color in photoshop.

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