[DIARY]:bad habit?

OK,I admit I’ve to drawing everyday and submit it somewhere!
and from now on ‘SOMEWHERE PLACE’ is here,my homepage,
[Althought I get less feedback]
I love to drawing like breathing!
but to submit in other place make me feel didn’t good,because I think about average quality,but here I didn’t,and more private.

This kind of Bad habit or good habit?
because stick myself to finish art or drawing everyday.

but I think it make me more orderly and finish work in time which good for my future,I thought lately I increase my average speed but I didn’t happy about  my drawing much,

I’ve twittering about successful development,there’re 3 factor that make you success in develop something such as writing or drawing


of course this is standard ,’FREQUENCY’ still have important, meaning you repete something in process still you finish.

Past time when I ‘m student at architecture.I find time to draw original art but I didn’t force myself to finish intime so it’s more refine look than this period art,anyway to force myself to finish also good interm of aiming to finish it.I didn’t draw pointlessly and have ton of unfinish art like pasttime.
I’ve more than 1 finish art in 1 day.

I try to draw more than write…haha

that why I didn’t use MSNING anymore.
I find it’s waste time.
Anyway I use twitter and blogging instead,with 140 alphabet is enough to communicate and blogging ,ppl knowing what I’m doing without repete telling.


I think I should change my habit because I didn’t want become ‘freelance illustrator’ and continue freelance illustrator status,I wich I became artist and earn a living from my passion,I try my best everyway I can think . it’s good to try something different in life because if I didn’t try to do something different I’ve to rely on client worksource which isn’t stable also,because I didn’t know client will gave me some gig or didn’t,so If I can stand by doing my own stuff,that’s better way,

So from now on I gotta think about earning in different way to live as artist.

May be I think about doing more refine work such as 1 week per pic instead and sell limited print instead,now I processing by searching printing company which can do glicee quality,and doing own artbook.

and I think I communicate better by blogging.

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  • Toey
    มิถุนายน 13, 2009 at 8:04 am

    hahaha, damn, so that’s why I have never seen you online MSN up until now. But I like it, dude. Your idea here is a nice habit for workaholic and I like that!! Maybe we both are workaholic? lol.

  • iris
    มิถุนายน 25, 2009 at 10:05 am

    lol, funny! xD I think that’s possibly true~

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