[scrap]:Our Monster series

Our monster series again,this time it’s conceptual sketch.

Hatred.I imagine it’s enormous size,scary monster.

Lust.It’s inspire from snake,alien and women….
which can metaphor to lust form.

Greed.It’s inspire from Lizard…Or Thai ‘TUA HIA ตัวเหี้ยครับท่านผู้ชม’

Today Hector came to share some great tutorial video to me,
It’s about speedpainting and he’s talking about digital art.
A lot of things I dunno be4.
Thanksssssss——-ss a lot—–t!!.:D~!
You can visit his gallery here.
Hector Gallery
[Ton of breathtaking pencil work and also cool digital paint!]
I’ve just known from Hector that.CS4 have rotate canvas function while paint.
[same in OC and painter]
That’s would be great for CS.

Ah,I didn’t finish bacardi stuff yet I’ve to finish that A3 piece today,
It’s 153 MB for now…glad that I’m not use layer much while paint…

because past day I’ve finish one test illustration for work,and survival it’s 1st priority.
Client didn’t sure about my style,yeah when it’s came to commercial stuff.
It’s not just ‘you’ and ‘what you want to draw’ anymore,
but it’s ‘what client need’,and in marketing term It’s mean style a must compatible with
their target group,but that’s for survive.
Althought It’s not my usual style I’ve to adapt myself to it,
but it’s great for me that they give me occasion to try,before decide.
I still happy and can accept,because It’s drawing related work.
Now about test,no problem,but I’ve to adjust something while work.

I’ve go to see ortho dentist yesterday.
I’m doing orthodonthic because I’ve some problem with my teeth and gum.
Mouth pain again T_T…

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