[fanart]:SHAZNA IZAM

Due to political situation in Thailand this period,there’re still protest at Suvarnabhumi airport…

[my house close to airport…].Normally I’ll heard sound of airplane take off,but it’s very quiet.

I hope situation will getting better soon,some of my friends are in others country,

such as U.S.A,Singapore,U.K can’t go back to their home.

It’s a lot of tension lately.I hope it  will not going in to dictatorship again.

No tank.

I don’t know why they have to said others silly,just because others have different political aspect?

Why won’t we accept that people don’t think alike,and never be the same,

They don’t think like you.It doesn’t mean they’re stupid,

people have different way of thought and we have right to think,to act,

if that action isn’t exceed above the law,or illegal

but lately I’m afraid situation like this it easier,expand to civil wars,some kind like that,

[and that will have accuse for army to their dictate again]

because our  ‘DISCRIMINATION’

since we’re living in the same country…

easier thing we can talk in same language,we can easier understanding each others,

Then why we have to make thing harder?

Now discriminate is all around,even friends,

family we avoid to bring political to our topic of conversation.

Yellow,or Red so what?

I don’t see we’re any different,

We’re in the same boat,if it’s sink down we go together,isn’t it?

people should have limitation,

we need to learn to  ‘PAUSE’…in the right time…
At least I hope they stop before country face to catastrophy…

Note that I don’t want to write it in Thai,It’s bitter topic to mention about,really.

It’s experimental work I explore the way I’ll use to coloring comic,
I want fast but not look dull,so it’s compilation with water color.

draw with photoshop,water color on fabriano

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  • Deadones
    พฤศจิกายน 29, 2008 at 9:57 pm

    I think it looks very good. It’s good to play with color

  • Meisan
    ธันวาคม 1, 2008 at 6:31 pm


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