Sorry for disappear awhile,I’m busy with work and try to finish commission.
Plus I going to paint something outside,so here a lot of thing I add in this entry.
I’ll not disappear for a longtime for sure. ;),
I stop updating my Thai Exteen blog awhile.
I’ll use there for wrote thing that I want to share opinion to public in Thai only.

cuz I’ve to continue my thing here hahahah.

Thankyou Chris to inviting me to join artbook project,and Toonikun for inviting for doujinshi,
Neversummer for inviting me to join Comic fiesta pamphlet.;),So honour to do those.

Here JLS Black and white inner illustration.’ENDLESS SPRING’

Phantom School already release and I receive book today.
Oh,This one look quite good when print,color look close to monitor,no problem~

Story by Ploypink.

After this one I’ve another cover and that one is last cover I made for Jamsai Teen series.
I’ve assign to draw cover for another series instead which is secret now.

I’ll post thing when book schedule to release.

Fun to do something that’s different.

Anyway I’m not done a lot of teen love series,kind of afraid ppl will stick to that image,
[For people who style is normally in this way I cheer to go go on;)!]
I quite take diffetent thing to wider my scope.

Yesterday I go to P’Pang Monto wedding ceremony,wahhh
MAN!,She’s very beautiful …T_T very glad ,oh no !!I’m envy Pong..!!
[You’re the lucky dudeeeee!]
and meet my old friend like Tama Tar and Rei.
[It’s been somany year didn’t see your guy!Exciting]
After that we go to eat something in Khaosan rd.
SUKIYAKI HOTPAN 40 baht is great!
It’s pity that my camera battery runout so I don’t have pics,[sign….]

some photo I took at home. 😎

I thought about set up my working space in another house nearer Suvarnabhumi airport,
It’s my brother house.I think after I’ve manage myself better
I’ll help him to paid bank for this house.
because of my home I currently living is small,
don’t have enough working space for some large scale.
My old drafting table here can’t use also.

I bought LIQUITEX basic set,and here the result be4 going to real canvas.
to said It’s first time with this medium either,
but I love how it’s react with brush and paper,I mean the pigment isn’t blend completely,
so when use brush stroke,it’s provide interesting effect.

LIQUITEX[Acrylic color 12 basic tube] on FABRIANO ACQUARELLO studio-coldpress
ST GOLD acrylic, and gold dust.

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  • Rowein
    ธันวาคม 8, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    Kittyyyyyyyy!!!! 😀
    I love cats, and yours is beautiful.

    I think the last pic… I don´t know if is a practice of colors, but well… that pic is gorgeous, full of textures. Really nice.

    And your work with B/W is simply amazing, I’m truly admires you ^__^

  • Meisan
    ธันวาคม 9, 2008 at 6:34 am

    I heard from somewhere who love cat it’s mean love to be free hahah

  • Toey
    ธันวาคม 15, 2008 at 8:08 am

    How about moving to my house instead wa? hahahaha. We can share the basement room 😛

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