-update ‘photo’ and ‘gallery’ section in new look.
I will add more pic later.
-You can ‘reply thread’ in entry now.
-In entry have ‘relate post’ under it,so you can click to relate link easier.
-You can use ‘avatar’,go to to get your avatar.
When you insert your e-mail.It’s automatical generate avatar,
and you can use that avatar in to another site also.
-Product section complete,you can register to site for receive news,update.
or choose to subscribe by insert your e-mail in this form.

Next entry I’ll wrote more howto CG,and also working for comic,See ya~!.
Yes it’s free comic :),I’m eager to develop my comic skill a lot,
but I’ve to clear my commission work also.
I’ll try my best to improve this site for better and easier for browsing.
hope you enjoy~!

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