[life]:STILL BUSY:)

still very busy,I’ve 2 novel cover illustrated to clear before 20 dec,
and well,no weekend,I gotta work.
[1 novel cover it’s not 1 illustration but it’s more than that,include interior
but it’s good that 1 project I’ve already clear 4 illustration,thing left is cover coloring.]

I suppose to color this pic to be gift for Kidchan birthday,[UNFINISH]
I done it for awhile [not in the busy period @_@;]
Sorry for didn’t draw something new for you :).
It’s 1st gift that I draw to her.
reason I feel good to her because Kidchan said I’m her inspire and her favourite
so that’s kind of ‘honour’ to me,
not just admire as artist but she’s also nice person,althought we ever meet once.
and I’m kind of  believe in my sense,really ~hahaha—h~.

So,I thought I want to give something to her.
I mean when I saw her work,she can step-up to something unique.
her stuff can inspire me back,
Please keep it up,I’ll looking forward to your work,
and thankyou for supporting me past time,you’re so nice girl~!;)

not much occasion I draw something for person lately.
It’s something can’t buy from anywhere either,and I put my intention to,
hope I can finish these one soon[After I clear my work 😉

I thought It’s less percent I can go to comic fiesta,[sign..]
Hopefully I can go.

Anyway I reschedule to release my limited B/W artbook next year instead,
Artwork ready to make a book,but I want to do more thing.
and include LIVEALIVE material and design stuff.

…I’m being guest in…


…which AVAILABLE in

Sunway Pyramid Convention Hall,Malaysia
20-21 december 2008

20 december 2008

A lot of cool artist :),so honour to join.
Thanks Chris again.

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  • Toey
    ธันวาคม 15, 2008 at 7:58 am

    oh~ Kidchan 😀 I like her work a lot too wa! It’s so awesome and I know she’ll be very glad to receive your work as a gift na. Btw, when is her birthday wa?

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