At occasion it’s [almost] reach new year,
I realize that previous year at this moment.
Chrismas eve ’07 and new years ’08.
I’m in IFS and have great moment.
So I want to mention about them here be4 it’s reach 2009:),
well,I spend time awhile to think back.

I thought I draw above Chun-Li pic since I’m in IFS
since I didn’t carry any file I draw there with me
so pic I have is pic I’ve ever upload to internet.

just want to said here,I’ve really  goodtime there,I really mean that,
and it’ll continue being good memory,inspiration,drive to me
because IFS is one of main reason that I can work hard as I did today,
and want to be better in everyway of course.

It’s place I learn more about being professional,at international level.:)
So it’s not just making me have more exp. but I gain more maturity
[at professional vision I thought]
What I learn is…
the word professional it’s mean ‘have to make a living of it’,
so be responsible,no emotion involve.
I can’t said what I said,or do what I can do today
If I didn’t spend time there.
So a lot of things I getting there It can’t said all here.
Althought it’s short time.It’s still valuable from my point of view,

My english may not good at who use it in 1st language,and it’s hard because
it’s not my mother language,but I also trying.
I thought I spend time practice  writing in english,
and I can communicate the  way better.

I’ve to said I know what I want and can develop.
I realize have a lot of things to learn,nowaday…

As fellow illustrator/artist view.

Everyone,I’ve to said they’re all talent artist,not just skillful,they got style.
and have good perspective and interesting aspect in life.
Amazing thing is most of them,are younger than me,or at my age,
but it’s like everyone they’re very good at their age,high caliber
and they’re my fav.

As person view.

I think everyone there,were really good friends,nice,of course,I feel so fun.

I’ve to said I feel really honour till now,that once in my life.
I have occasion to working with such talent international artist.
You’re all awesome really,and I said faithfully.
It’s kind of exciting when I reach there in very first day.
I still remember that moment 🙂

It’s like,some of their skill at 10 time better than me.
and the way smarter,higher experience.
Anyway,I don’t want to boastful-or cocky here ahaha
Even if I’m proudly to said I’ve graduated from one of best u. in Thailand in academic field.
[I said ‘proudly’ because I pass my really hard time studying.]
It doesn’t mean I’m the way smarter than.
education doesn’t matter at all

Every institute you study,it’s all honour,
It’s portfolio and vision in professional that does matter,of course.

As skillful artist.
I thought I’ve to spend somany year to reach some of their Level.



and I’ll looking forward to your work.

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