[work]:PH inside+more experiment

Tool : Photoshop,water color.

recent commission for novel,inner illustration.
I do it more than a month I thought.

This is the ‘unused version’
because it’s too dark
to be illustration for shoujo-teen love novel,so I play with it,

real version is BLACK AND WHITE

my co-ordinator friend said it’s feel like ‘EDOGAWA RAMPO’ mystery series….


edit real version background to screentone instead and decrease amount of black.

kind of addict to detective,mysterious novel more,
not that I didn’t like love novel,but it’s just not my most favourite,
anyway if it’s good stuff I also pleasure to read.

I think I should work on anatomy more … sick in foreshortening thing.

experiment coloring stuff  to work in future.
Yay,it’s landscape ‘ plan graphic’+’fashion illustration’
for plan It’s random drawing by use architectural element and symbol,so it’s no function..,freehand in PSD

I love street fashion.


Thought I’ve to go to u. library to browse some new resource
I think this’s work and try to develop it.

How about…integrate construction drawing and section graphic hahah, :rofl: try later.
I even thought about doing real landscape model,it’s like go back in oldtime hahah combine with what I am today.

hell thing is landscape project  use A0 paper almost every project,sometimes exceed A0,I remember about my thesis model it’s very big so I didn’t carry back to home,sign…[pity]…because that’s one my juniors and my friends help me mess that.I remember time I and faculty friends go to shopping at CHATUCHAK…to find model making material,fun thing is  ‘TREE’…which other department didn’t have much,but landscape ‘TREE’ is one of main feature.

(very)OLD stuff I found in HDD
+15 min touch-up,

draw with pencil
basepaint with painter touch-up with photoshop.

(capcom fighting game)

I love Dice Tsutsumi ‘s stroke[designer from Blue sky studio]
lately will try to study more.

Better go to study with real material like acrylic,oil
At least I think sense of nature color mixing it isn’t come with something digitally.
[I’m now play with it]

I am better with water color-transparence stuff but to broaden skill to other medium that’s also interesting.:)My ability past time is watercolor on paper,marker on paper or tracing paper because that’s what I use in u. project.

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  • Rowein
    ธันวาคม 19, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    The second is gorgeous!!
    The textures and the lines are very expressive, I like a lot 😀

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