งาน Commission  จากลูกค้าประจำชิ้นใหม่ค่ะ Tosha เดี๋ยวจะอัพเดทProcess ลงในนี้

Meisan, this commish was inspired by Lizzy Borden’s new album ‘My Midnight Things”
which each song covers a different aspect of love; whether it be positive or negative.
I was hoping to have myself in this image but represented by three different girls
(each me by dressed differently representing different emotions).
Lizzy would be in this as well (4 characters total).

The first image I will attach is the primary pose idea. I will be in ‘Cat Womens’ position and Lizzy,
Harley’s. Similar facial expressions are ok with me

Next attached is an outfit idea for myself (white black with hood).
Next pic is one of myself for hair and facial reference.

I attached a few pics of Lizzy from the ‘Long may They Haunt Us’ video.
I kinda like the possessed eye/makeup he dones in the video but also attached some normal photos of him
for reference as well (maybe half of his face the possessed look and half normal?).

The two other girls or personas, could be doing a multitude of things.

One idea was crawling towards us: one with tears on her face the other passionately laughing or a maniacal or mischievous smile. I attached a picture of a Harley/Duela Cosplay.

I love these outfits and figured the girls could be dressed as each.

I would still want these girls to resemble me but maybe in my red hair spread blonde streaks for Harley
and green for Duela (I love Harley/Joker/Duela so this is alittle homage to them!!).

My facial makeup could match theirs or similar. Does this make sense? You could use a similar background as the original reference image or maybe the stage of an empty theatre? I hope this intrigues you? Thoughts? The album stirred alot of emotions and think this could be really visually awesome 😊 Any questions please ask ❤