brief:I would like you to make me a picture of my OC, Desiree. I have included references of her for you, she is the one with the black hair and purple eyes in all of the images included. She is very bad-tempered, and is angry often, but she’s also very seductive, and sometimes sad/distant.

you may draw her looking normal/human, or draw her with her demonic attributes. The right side of this image is her looking human, and the left shows her demon side: [link]

when she is angry or in battle she grows fangs, her eyes look like feline eyes, and her nails grow to claws whatever length you wish. i think it would be cool if you drew her that way.

here are other references. i hope you enjoy painting her!

best ref – [link]








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  • Alasta
    ตุลาคม 20, 2009 at 6:33 am

    Oh my, she’s just beautiful! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job painting my Desiree. I’m so very happy! <3

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