2 character waistup sketch

Alrighty Meisan, I finally sketched the ref pics although I feel I could have done better. I’m gettin’ rusty, ack!



As you can see there are two characters, I’ll pay for both from the waist up.

Please be sure to use black tones on the guy, everything is dark black except for his skin. Shirt, hair, metallic collar, everthing please. If all else fails, use a ref of L from Deathnote. Its close enough to what I was aiming for.

As for the girl, I hope you can make out the wind symbol on her collarbone. She’s an Angel of Wind, if that helps.

Girl: Fanriel, Angel of Wind, in love with Noiriel
Boy: Noiriel, Fallen Angel/Sinner, wears metallic collar for Evil
Pose: Use the one I drew but ultimately, they can’t really be touching but really wanting to. Its a Romeo/Juliet type of pose. Tsubasa is also a good example. Fan’s wings must be solid/ tangible please, but Noir’s must look like shadows since he doesn’t have them anymore.



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