waist up sketch

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ship 29/3/2010


:star:Info: Carson is a pokemon gijinka! He is a castform so he has different forms for different weather. Please choose either snow or sunny! Whichever you like better!
:star:Snow: [link] [link]
:star:Sunny: [link] [link]
Carson is happy and cheerful! He always has his “mask” and scarf! I’d love if you could spice up the outfits a little if you like! Snow form he is in snow clothes like fuzzy jackets and scarves and sun form he is in tropical vacation clothes! Please have fun with him!

:star:Info: Caspian is also a pokemon gijinka! He is a gyarados <3. Caspian is kinda tsundere hehe. He is the CEO of a company and very business like, yet he loves cute things and being domestic hehe.
:star:Ref: [link] [link]

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