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Tatsu is a 19 year old chinese girl born and raised by high class courtiers. When her family recieves a letter on her 19th birthday, whe is told that she must leave home on a quest given by the gods, or grave danger will fall upon her family. To send her off, her family throws a party in her favor, but the monk that is hired to provide entertainment accidentally kills her sparring partner. When Tatsu sees the death, a symbol looking like an open-ended heart split into three sections appears on her chest and starts to bleed. The symbol is a mark that she has nine months to complete her quest or she will die.

Physical discription:
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 49 kilos
Hair: Black, wears it either loose (to her lower back) or in a braid
Eye color: Emerald green
Distinguishing marks: scar on her left breast resembling an open-ended heart split into three sections.
Usual attire: When travelling, she wears a black outfit complete with an armored longcoat, when in town or court, she wears a kimono and has a dragon motif fan.
Weapons: Dragon motif tanto.






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