fullbody 2 character

Here is what Ximena should be wearing be wearing
she looks fairly like the girl from the far left. She has light brown hair. She has big and expressive eyes. Her lips are not big but not small either. She is about 5’3 and she is gracefully thin.
Bio – (if Colombia does join) Ximena was really close to Colombia but they later had a fight over whether they should build a pool or not (Panama Canal). With the help of America (Alfred) she built her new pool. Now she lends her pool to others but it comes with a fee.
( I’m not sure if that’s a good analogy, but I thought it would be funny)
Now the relationship has drastically changed from that of best friends to mere respect due to family ties.

The other character is Andorra –
She would have to be in any of the following

Her name is Anaïs de Luna she looks farly french and she I guess would look sorta like this sketch you did….
She has hair that reaches til half of her shoulder. She is fairly french and Spanish looking so she has gray eyes and black hair. She also has a fairly fit body she looks younger than most 24 year olds.
She is about 5’5 her eyes seem warm and inviting but hide her true nature.
Bio –
Andorra is all about goals whatever goals she sets for herself she completes no matter what. She does on one hand seem cold and cool but is really pretty emotional due to her being half french and half spanish.
She is all business and some fun but under moderation of course.

Although I said that only Anais would look more like this image…

You can actually do both like that because the style suits them very well…
Umm I guess its all up to you as to whether or not you want it to be a full body or half body it just depends on you and also…
I guess if you want to make them two separate pictures then that would be fine too..
Whatever you feel comfortable with as long as you let me know before hand.




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