Brief:First of all I don’t have a specific picture/photo for you to base this character on, if this is a problem just ignore this 🙂

I’d like a commission for my Dungeons and Dragons character, he is a Warrior-Mage sort of character.

His looks are somewhat Sasuke-inspired, so if something is unclear draw inspiration from him…

He is a lithe, good looking young man with sharp facial features. He partly grew up in a glade with apple growing nymphs so he carries a hint of the fey-world 😛

He is partly infused with the Shadow World, making his shadows longer, his hair darker and his skin paler. I’d like him portrayed with his dark longcoat with a short collar, maybe something like this one (only coat):!Peter.Petrelli.jpg

He never leaves him without his stylish purple/pinkishy-something scarf whirling in the wind.

I’d like the picture to convey a determined look, hinting on anger.

His hair is long and dark but keept shorter at his temples.

I’d like him to hold his black Warglaive, just having the shaft cross the picture somewhere would be nice. If it would fit some purple or white arcs of lightning could trail the shaft, but up to you and if it fits with the rest of the composition.

His other hand could either not be seen or perhaps raised up to keep the wind from getting hair in his face.

BG (if any): Lightning/Stormy Winter Mountains

I was wondering if you could do one version with deep lilac eyes and one with angry red eyes, if this is extra, please tell me so 🙂

And finally, the decisions are up to you, its important that all the colors match together and that the pose is believable and I trust you far more than I trust myself on those accounts.







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