fullbody sketch

brief:Can you draw my character Kida? She is a demon turned angel character. You can draw her as an angel or demon, whichever one you’ll have more fun with. The outfit is up to you, but here are some general ideas :D The only things to keep in mind is that if you draw the angel, the wings are black on the inside and white near the tips.

Short backstory: Kida was born as a demon and made to become hell’s super weapon for war against heaven. She is abused by everyone except her step brother, and even if she doesn’t want to fight, she has to. But in a big war, she goes berserk and kills everyone on the field, both angel and demon, which is when she is captured by heaven and stripped of her powers. Though god took pity and decided to raise her again as one of them~ which is why she becomes like an angel. She becomes the princess’s bodyguard and serves heaven loyally.

Here are some refs:
Angel side: [link] Demon side: [link]
More refs: [link] [link] [link] [link]



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