Name- Heartbeat D. Rufi

Age- 21
Occupation- Pirate Captain.
Personality- is cheery and cheeky. Although he tends to say the wrong things which gets his crew in a lot of deep trouble. He very flirty with the ladies and doesn’t hit any girls and likes to tease anyone. He likes pranks and pulling everybodies’s strings until they snap since somehow he finds it interesting. He’s very carefree and tends to refer people with their first names and usually followed by a Kun or chan. When he’s angry he doesn’t add the horrifix. He’s brave though but in a careless way. He’s been told that he has a bottomless stomach. He is often seen drinking or fighting. He is a semi heavy-weight (can hold his liquor) but he drinks so much he gets drunk. He’s never seen without his hat or at least two out of three of his swords.





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  • Kittz
    สิงหาคม 17, 2010 at 11:34 am

    I love it :]
    I'm amazed how you perfectly blended the colours to make the piece so stunning.

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