-water color

drawing with 0.05 steadler pigment ink,paint with Winsor&newton on Fabriano Studio paper 8×12

– Zedekiah: Clever, bright,agile but also strict.Zedekiah is independant, strong and a bit stand-offish woman. That person rules the roost and doesn’t stand any objecting of her orders. When she doesn’t wear the mask, she’s very the past she was an actress.
When she wears the mask she often smiles and laughs, sits on tree, likes to eat apples. Uses time’s magic and fight with staff.

Please,if you’ll publish commission,don’t write character’s name. I have published a comics and her name has not yet been revealed.

1. [link]
2. First from the right [link]
3. First from the left,top: [link]
4.left down corner and right top corner [link]
5. Colours(it’s old, so colours isn’t perfect.You can change them, for example hair should be more gold than here)[link]
More refs: [link]




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  • Sandra
    กันยายน 12, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    Thank you very much^^ She’s wonderful, I love these colours and her shape^^

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