watercolor commission
drawing with pencil,paint with Whitenights watercolor on 8×12 Fabriano studio paper,touch up with photoshopCS2

The character I would like to commission you to draw is my Hetalia-related original character ‘Scotland’. Here are a few links to reference pictures of him:

the one with dark hair in this picture
[link] (If possible, could you draw him wearing the clothes he’s wearing in this chibi picture of him?)

Unfortunately I’m not good at drawing my own character (in a non-chibi way ^^; ), I hope my reference pictures are good enough to use.





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  • Vamprincess-Noa
    กันยายน 10, 2010 at 4:48 am

    Oh wow, this is gorgeous! For a $25 water color, it’s waaay more detailed than I thought it would be. I love how you gave him a purple flower to hold, and the way you drew and colored his hair. This is awesome, I think I may be commissioning you again in the future when you have more slot opens 😀

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