waist-up sketch of two characters

-Yuuki : [link] (the one in the middle XD)
-Nozomi: [link] [link] (top left), [link] (the last panel is how he acts in canon)

Nozomi is an eccentric boy who has a serious case of moodswings. He often annoy people just for the heck of it XD;; (aka a troll) He follows Yuuki everywhere for a task which Yuuki doesn’t know of and took as ‘stalking’ instead XD;
Yuuki is a ‘tsukkomi’ type character who gets annoyed easily. He disapproves any ‘unserious-ness’ and hates Nozomi (for ‘stalking’ him is one of the reasons 8D; ) and tends to lose it with him–which always leads to them fighting (both physically and verbally).
Yuuki fights with a baseball bat and Nozo with– anything within his reach orz and, yes, They fight each other with it. Most oftenly, Nozomi doesn’t fight back though because he’s assigned to look after Yuuki in the first place ^-^;




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  • Yoon
    พฤษภาคม 5, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    AAHH T-Thank you so much! I am so happy right now uwahhh you draw them really well, even better than when I draw them >///<!! They both look so good in your style~! I love how clean your sketch is and your lovely shading that looks very dynamic with some parts being bold while the others are shaded lightly >///< <33 Aahh and the way you shade the hair is really nice too uwahhh/// Your backgrounds and perspective skills also never fail to amaze me!

    I can't seem to say enough haha, I love your style so much *///* Thank you very much meisan, for the wonderful job ^O^! I will definitely commission you again sometimes <33

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