[diary]:New watercolor pan arrive

I order it from saa.co.uk.
The shipping is quite fast It’s ship from  31 august to 10 september 2010.

The item is Whitenights watercolor 36 pan set,actually I want 48 pan set with wood box,but I can’t find ahywhere to buy only russian site,others site I try to buy they didn’t ship it to Thailand as well.

Whitenights is Russian water color.I’ve already try it,quite satisfy but I think I’ve to practice watercolor a lot.I think I’m suck at it right now,still have to use photoshop to touch up,anyway I think I can do better.I don’t know why when I paint traditional I didn’t satisfy with my color choice much,at first time I think because it’s watercolor brand I use but after I try new brand my color choice still the same LOL.

The water color still have paper package.

take awhile to rip it off all 36 pan.

photo with Nokia 5130 ,sorry I don’t have camera right now,have to use mobile phone to take a photo.

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