🎨 Artist & Designer | 🏆 Asiagraph Awarded 2021-2023 | 🗿 Stoic

🎨 Artist & Designer | 🏆 Asiagraph Awarded 2021-2023 | 🗿 Stoic Meisanmui's apple music   Meisanmui's spotify Brushstrokes, pixels, and ancient wisdom guide my creative journey. As an Asiagraph awarded artist, I push the boundaries of visual storytelling, crafting designs that resonate with the human spirit. My art is a harmonious fusion of traditional techniques and cutting-edge AI technology, resulting in captivating pieces that transport viewers to realms beyond imagination. Landing page: Homepage Buy physical artwork here Buy books here Buy prompt here Bilibili newsletters In the stud

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Meisanmui | Looking back

Meisanmui's apple music Meisanmui's spotify (Verse 1) The day we parted, my heart ached with sorrow, น้ำตา (namida) flowed, a river's gentle flow. My steps felt heavy, each breath a reflection, Of the love we shared, a bittersweet connection. (Chorus) But then a shout followed, echoing in the air, "รักเธอ" (rak ter), a love beyond compare. I turned to face you, standing there waiting, 君の笑顔が輝いて (Kimi no egao ga kagayaite), my heart elating. [Guitar Riff Solo] (Verse 2) We embraced under the starry sky, น้ำตาแห่งความสุข (namida of happiness) filled my eye. The words of love I feared became reality, [Guitar Riff Solo] "永遠に一緒だよ" (Eien ni issho da yo), our love's sweet melody. (Chorus) The shout that day, echoes clearly in my mind, "愛してる" (aishiteru), a love forever entwined. I turn to face you, standing by my side, Our beautiful love,

Meisanmui | Scar of the city

Meisanmui's apple music Meisanmui's spotify [Verse 1] The world whispers lies, its constant stinging pain A young heart searches, finds solace in the rain 都会の雑踏の中、孤独が心を締め付ける Tokai no zattō no naka, kodoku ga kokoro wo shimetsukeru [Pre-Chorus] The city's a canvas, madman's twisted dream does stain A bleeding blue sky, this world is not as it seems [Chorus] Bare your heart, let bleed on that harsh street 孤独な街角で、僕らは傷を分かち合う Kodoku na machikado de, bokura wa kizu wo wakachiau This lonely city, where dreams can't be beat We lose our rainbows, on asphalt so cold But in dark corners, new stories unfold [Verse 2] The city talks back, cruel words hit like a blow But scars we proudly wear, from all that we know 夢は叶わなくても、希望の光を灯し続ける Yume wa kanawanakute mo, kibō no hikari wo tomoshi tsudzukeru Can't return to that perfect, beautiful land So chase our desires, with

Hide and seek

Meisanmui's apple music Meisanmui's spotify (Verse 1) In twilight's embrace, a love I can't conceal, [Piano starts playing a soft, melancholic melody] Yearning to confess, let the world know how I feel. Yet fear grips my heart, what if it's not returned? A love unrequited, a dream forever burned. 「君の笑顔、僕の心を溶かす。」(Your smile melts my heart.) (Chorus) Like a ticking clock, emotions held at bay, [Piano melody intensifies, mirroring the building emotions] A silent scream, a heart that cannot sway. I long to release, to break this silent vow, So you'll know the depth of my love for you now. 「言葉にできないこの気持ち、君に届けたい。」(I want to convey these feelings I can't put into words to you.) (Verse 2) With each glance, my soul trembles with desire, [Piano softens, reflecting a tender yearning] To voice my feelings, yet I retreat from the fire. These words remain unspoken,

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