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spent 15–20 years figuring out and appreciating Yoshitaka Amano’s art

I see analytics and I observed that a lot of people come from the United States, so I decided to write a blog in English.

Do you know? I spent 15–20 years figuring out and appreciating Yoshitaka Amano’s art. As a young artist, I was unable to fully grasp the depth of his work, unable to understand the complexities that now absolutely enthrall me. Yoshitaka Amano is a legendary Japanese artist whose work has captivated audiences for decades. His distinctive style blends ethereal beauty with a sense of profound mystery.

While I was younger, of course, I was addicted to the art of Tetsuya Nomura. However, my appreciation for his style waned over time. Nomura's art, while undeniably beautiful, often feels straightforward, its interpretations seeming singular and focused on aesthetics like "stylish" and "cool."

Not that I don’t like Nomura – I do! I still admire his work, and there was a time when I aspired to emulate his artistic style. But as the years passed, I found myself inexplicably drawn to the enigmatic, multi-layered dimension of Amano's art.

There's a chunk of 'mysterious air' around Yoshitaka Amano’s characters. His art often suggests hidden depths or personality traits within the characters he depicts. Amano's characters often possess a "mysterious air," hinting at hidden complexities behind their captivating visuals. This enigmatic quality invites viewers to delve deeper, seeking to understand the untold stories that lie beneath the surface. I long to understand what lies beneath their stern expressions, to decipher their hidden agendas.


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