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Dugu Qiubai's Swordsmanship: A Rhymed English Translation

1. Nine Solitary Swords (獨孤九劍)

Flowing like water, swift and light, Defying all resistance, a fearsome sight.

2. Peerless Sword (無雙劍)

Unmatched in speed, strikes like lightning, Foes fall before it, their fate is certain.

3. Swordless Swordsmanship (無劍劍法)

Simple yet profound, with hidden might, Subdues enemies, leaving no doubt in sight.

4. Laughing Proud of the Jianghu Swordsmanship (笑傲江湖劍法)

Fluid and free, like water in motion, Swift and unpredictable, a deadly potion.

5. Dugu Swordsmanship (獨孤劍法)

Sharp and swift, like a thunderbolt, Enemies perish, their lives are forfeit.

6. Soft Sword (柔劍)

Flexible as water, hard to contain, Slips and flows, evading all pain.

7. Iron Sword (鐵劍)

Strong as a mountain, heavy and true, Subdues enemies, leaving no residue.

8. Heavy Sword (重劍)

Heavy as a mountain, crushing all below, Enemies perish, their fate is woe.

9. Wooden Sword (木劍)

Simple and natural, like the wind, Subdues enemies, leaving them resigned.

10. Formless Swordsmanship (無形劍法)

Shapeless as air, impossible to trace, Subdues enemies, leaving no trace.

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