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In a world captivated by the allure of drama and entertainment, I've found a shift in my preferences, aligning with the insights shared by a certain 'CEO'.( I am his fan 's of bold and provoking thought too) .Reflecting on this, I draw inspiration from several thought-provoking books. One such notable work that significantly influenced my perspective is "Atomic Habits" by James Clear. The book delves into the power of consistent actions over time, shaping our lives and fostering personal development. Embracing the philosophy of intentional investment in oneself, I've gradually transitioned from passive consumption of movies and series to a more purposeful engagement with literature that stimulates intellectual curiosity and growth. As the pages of "Atomic Habits" unfolded, it underscored the notion that deliberate choices and habits contribute to a more fulfilling narrative in the intricate story of one's life.

Despite my shift away from extensive movie-watching, I acknowledge the inherent benefits that the cinematic experience offers. Movies, as a form of visual storytelling, have the power to evoke emotions, foster empathy, and provide an escape from reality. This resonates with the notion presented in "The Power of Moments" by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, where certain experiences, including those derived from movies, can create memorable and impactful moments in our lives.

While the article emphasizes prioritizing intentional investments in time and personal growth, it doesn't dismiss the value of entertainment entirely. It's essential to strike a balance between meaningful experiences and leisure activities. Movies can serve as a source of inspiration, sparking creativity and offering a different perspective on life. By recognizing the benefits of both intentional engagement and occasional leisure, we can curate a more enriching and well-rounded life narrative.


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Popular post

Understanding the No Contact Rule: A Period of Growth and Healing After a Breakup

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🎨 Artist & Designer | 🏆 Asiagraph Awarded 2021-2023 | 🗿 Stoic

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