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Ni Guang with illustration
A stunningly deceptive image, "lie from the truth" captivates with its vivid portrayal of a hidden reality. Through remarkable brushwork, this oil painting reveals a lone figure, adorned in a cloak of darkness, standing amidst a vibrant meadow of blooming flowers. The deceptive charm lies in the figure's face – seemingly angelic with delicate features, but concealing a sinister aura under the porcelain skin. The juxtaposition of innocence and malevolence, impeccably depicted in this surrealistic masterpiece, draws viewers into a world of enigma and intrigue.

Creating a training dataset involves blending my original artwork, constituting roughly 70% of the content, with the transformative touch of Stable Diffusion's distinctive key lighting, comprising the remaining 30%. This unique amalgamation of my personal artistry and Midjourney key image of cinematic illumination elevate my art to unprecedented cinematic heights.

As I share this amalgamated creation, Lora, with the world, it's more than just a dataset; it's an intellectual collaboration that marries my artistic vision with the illuminating genius of Stable Diffusion. This fusion isn't merely pixels and colors; it's the alchemy of creativity meeting technical innovation.

In offering this composite to the world, I'm not just sharing a dataset—I'm extending an invitation to explore the convergence of art and technology, where my art finds new life through the transformative lens of 30% midjourney's key lighting. This synergy isn't just about training models; it's about reshaping perceptions and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression through a witty interplay of visuals and illumination.

Ai: Stable Diffusion
Lora:Meisanmui (self's train with my own art+Midjourney for Key light)
The artwork utilized in this project or publication, created by Lora Meisanmui, has been incorporated as a result of my own training with AI technology. The utilization of this artwork is for non-commercial, free-use purposes within this specific context.
Permission to use this artwork was obtained for this project and does not extend to other uses or distributions beyond the scope of this context without explicit consent from the original artist, Lora Meisanmui.
Please note that this disclosure serves as an acknowledgment of the artist's creative contribution and respects their rights over the original work.
For further inquiries regarding the artwork or permissions, please contact Lora Meisanmui directly at
use and download Lora for free here.

Buy this image for any purpose.
Open for commission, please dm me.

accept anime-style wedding illustrations commission.
call (+66)0860857889
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